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If your company is in the title insurance and mortgage industry and looking to expand, then Mandrien Consulting Group is absolutely the firm you should seek help from. This is a consulting firm that works exclusively within that industry by helping companies to expand to other markets. Some of the industry’s most skilled consultants work with Mandrien Consulting Group. The firm maintains a good balance between young, innovative, consultants and more experience consultants—the range of experience ranges from knowledgeable and creative rookies to twenty-five year veterans. Blending the old and the new, the traditional and the cutting edge, has been a successful strategy for Mandrien Consulting Group thus far.

The successes that Mandrien Consulting Group has achieved thus far really cannot be argued with. Mandrien Consulting Group even helped a small title insurance agency that only existed within a five-county area to expand to forty-three states within just six weeks. No, that is not at all a typo—it was not six years or six months, but six weeks. That’s an impressive feat to be sure. The licensing requirements for the various states can be pretty onerous. Mandrien Consulting Group also employs a team of consultants whose job it is to keep track of legislative changing in licensing in the various states.

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